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A Social Worker from his college days onwards, founded this organization with the sole object of helping the downtrodden. Mr. Shukla has started this trust in Aug 2006. This trust has proved it's value in education field. The trust came forward to help poor children by donating food, fruit and imparting educational guidance. Different camps were organized across the country to help the poor and neediest along with blood donation camps in Maharashtra. Main moto of the trust is to give importance to education so that living standard of individual could be raised and that's the one of the key factor to take forward the country.

The Ultimate joy is not having what you want in life, but seeing people around you also having what they desire. One should always give back what he has received from the society. Such are the thoughts and beliefs of an ordinary, down to earth man, Mr. Devendra Shukla, trustee of Shri Kharka Mahavir Educational and Charitable Trust who embodies the best contemporary expression of Indian values and is working earnestly to shape the future of India in a positive manner. His main purpose and objective is to evolve a new and strong India through good education and value system. His passion and dream is all about providing education to children and making health care available to all especially the weak and the poor. Mr. Shukla has pioneered two concepts which he feels are the ways and means of reducing poverty and improving health conditions. According to him – No Indian child should be deprived of the most essential right of education and no poor man should be deprived of medical facilities”. With an experience of more than 18 years in the field of education, Mr. Shukla, is well aware about the necessity of education for children and has conceptualized the “Shri Kharka Mahavir Educational and Charitable Trust. As per the ideology of the trust, ” Vidyadhanam Sarvadhanam Pradhanam” , education is the most important treasures of all. He is all ardently engaged in making this treasure available to the weaker sections of society to build a new India and is leaving no stone unturned to make his dream come to reality. He has learnt from MOTHER TERESA that love is more powerful than any lethal weapon.

The other objective of the trust is to provide medical relief and assistance to old age homes. He is actively engaged in organizing innovative events such as Hasya Kavi Sammelan for old age homes. This helps the old people to set aside their sorrows and monotonous way of living and live life with new and better prospectus. The greatest happiness and success is achieved when a smallest move by us makes a tremendous change in the life of others. He has organized counseling sessions for students and parents which emphasizes the importance of education. He has assisted numerous institutes financially through series of facilities and schemes which includes stationary and other school accessories. His ideals have always encouraged students to give their best which invariably has been a huge boost to the student's confidence and helped them to believe their potentials to win and succeed. Mr. Shukla has worked with various organizations such as Children Home in Mankhurd & Dongri, ZP Prathamik School in Ratnagiri, Rajawadi Hospital in Ghatkopar, Matoshree Vrudashram in Khadavli and Mother Teresa's ashram Prem Daan in Airoli. He is indeed an ordinary man with extra-ordinary perception & comprehension. He is one of the wonderful people who deserves to be recognized. His efforts in various fields have been appreciated and loudly applauded by the Government of Maharashtra. His actions have attracted considerable attention from Priyadarshani Foundation, Sanjivani Kala Vikas Pratishthan, Bharat Samaj Seva Academy & many other organizations in India . He is the man who has taught many a people how to live life.

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